dimanche 22 février 2015

Bionic Bill (Feb 16-20, 2015)

As most of you know, Bill underwent bilateral anterior hip replacement surgery in Scottsdale, AZ on February 17. His surgeon, Dr. Kozinn, has performed over one thousand single hip surgeries and he found Bill to be an ideal patient for a bilateral surgery (which is rarely performed). The surgery went well and Bill spent three nights in the hospital recovering. They had him up and walking the afternoon of the surgery and he would walk several times a day.

He is now in Mesa for a week with my parents in their RV and still requires a walker for mobility and assistance with tasks such as putting socks and shoes on, but he is on track for a speedy recovery. With the new titanium in his hips, he's definitely Bionic Bill now!

Feb. 16 in Dr. Kozinn's office the day before the surgery
Feb. 17 at 13:30. The surgery finished at 11:00. He is still dopey from the spinal.
Yes, that is a lot of blood! In total he lost about half a litre (500ml) of blood.
Feb. 17. He graduated from the liquid to the regular menu on Day 2.
Feb. 18 Getting back into bed after a walk.
Feb. 18. He would average 3-5 walks per day.
Feb. 19. Practicing going up and down stairs with the physiotherapist.
Feb. 19. Bill insisted I bring the laptop to the hospital so he could check in with work.
Feb. 20 Bill is discharged from the hospital at 13:00.
Feb. 20. Settling into the motorhome to continue his healing.

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Mamie a dit…

Patient exemplaire et de la belle visite en plus! Bien fait Bill!

Mags Stahl a dit…

Hello bill not Renee, , it's Magelenea from Caley Colony,,, I just found your card with the blog , not I checked it out,, how are you making out? Sure would love to see you sometime, , seen you did a hip replacement, looks like your healing up fantastically"😊 you can reach me @my Gmail, ,,,"magsstahl11@gmail.com"hope to hear from you guys, it's been way to long,,, hugs"my friends now many blessings, ,,,, Magelenea Stahl, Cayley😊