dimanche 2 novembre 2014

Red Rocks 2014 (Oct. 9-30, 2014)

Desert Road Trip!

After a snowy September, the nice temperatures returned and early October provided me with some extra rock guiding days. My season ended Oct. 8 and the following day Bill and I packed the car and hit the road. He had nine days off in a row and we were intent on capitalizing on this. The desert is our favourite place to visit. There's something special about spending time in the desert - we always return home more grounded and quieted. Bill and I are not the only ones who make annual fall pilgrimage to the desert. We encountered many friends along the way and knew of others in nearby parks and states.

Below are some photos of our adventures in Red Rocks Canyon. During our stay we encountered many animals including a tarantula, a rattlesnake, a road runner, a hummingbird, deer, hare, bunnies, coyotes, and wild burros. The desert is certainly alive!

Red Rock Canyon at dusk
Bill climbing Pitch 4 of Chuckwalla 5.9

Bill climbing Pitch 6 of Chuckwalla 5.9
Bill on the summit of Global Peak. We accessed it via the Black Velvet road.
Most Red Rocks rap stations are questionable. This one is no exception. I backed up this hollow tree with two nuts. Or perhaps it's the other way around!
Bill climbing Beula's Book 5.9
Renee at the top of Pitch 1 of Arrow Place 5.9. Crux start moves were protected by a 00 cam
and a Wild Country Rock 1 nut.
Bill rappelling Arrow Place 5.9 on Burlap Buttress
What a bargain. For $5.99 we had two days worth of lunches for the two of us!
This homemade sandwich with leftover steak was also pretty delicious.

Bill's nine days off came to an end and I saw him off at the airport. I hotelled it for five days while waiting for Zenn to join me. I also had the chance to climb with other friends, reconn an approach and check out the limestone on Mt. Charleston.

During Zenn's stay we climbed 5 out of 6 days. We certainly got our fill! Here are photos from these adventures.

Here Zenn is employing the "Tai Chi" zen approach to climbing Frigid Air Buttress behind a very slow party of 3.
Zenn waiting in line for the last pitch of Frigid Air Buttress 5.9+
Zenn coiling a rope at the top of Frigid Air Buttress
A section of the 4th class approach to Inti Watana on Mt. Wilson
Zenn leading Pitch 4 of Inti Watana 5.10c
Enjoying a lunch at the half-way ledge and checking out the topo.
Zenn all smiles while finishing the last few moves of the final pitch (12) of Inti Watana 5.10c

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