jeudi 2 octobre 2014

Squamish, Sanskrit and CJ! (Sep 25-30, 2014)

Bill was well overdue for a vacation so last Thursday we loaded up the car with camping gear, climbing gear and 6.5 boxes of Sanskrit books and drove to Vancouver. With the UBC Sanskrit delivery mission accomplished on Friday we then headed out to Squamish for a couple of days of climbing and visiting with cj. Below are photos from our two cragging days together. Bill also climbed with us (very well, in fact) but somehow expertly eluded the camera!

Two crackpots reviewing crack technique together
cj climbing at Burgers and Fries
cj on Octopus' Garden 5.8
cj starting out on Klahanie Crack 5.7, not yet knowing of the epiphany that would quickly ensue!
cj in mid epiphany!
Ending the day on Mushroom 5.9 at The Papoose

2 commentaires:

Mamie a dit…

Belle vacance!

cj a dit…

Oh crack climbing... I have pictures of you and Bill climbing. I'll email them your way later this weekend. Let's do it again!