dimanche 20 juillet 2014

Summer is here! (July 2014)

Along with the arrival of summer is the commencement of my seven week contract teaching rock climbing to army cadets. It's a fantastic program for the cadets and an incredible opportunity for me to work alongside seasoned rock guides and to learn from them. Half of the summer I spend my nights at the cadet camp out near the Ghost Wilderness Area, but the other half I get to sleep at home. On these nights I have the chance to visit with friends and to do some personal climbing after work. I have started a few climbing projects which help keep me inspired and focused on training.

Despite all this outdoor time, the only photos I have to share today are photos of meals we have prepared and shared with friends. The last photo is one of a surprise visitor we received yesterday!
Apple pie to share with Ron, Marie, Marcel, Camille and my parents

James prepared a gourmet meals for our friends Don, Michelle, Doug and Nancy last night.
Dessert included ice cream and James' delightful apple stack.

James and I share pasta with beans and pesto with prosciutto wrapped asparagus.

Homemade sushi with warm sake. Yummy!

This black bear walked across our front law, into the backyard and out the back gate yesterday.
It was our first bear sighting at home!

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Mamie a dit…

Wow, un ours noir!!! C'est pour ça que vous ne laissez pas de déchets poubelle dehors... Beau et bon repas entre famille et amis! Et du boulote ....