jeudi 26 juin 2014

June in the Valley

Since our return from the Jasper to Harvie Heights bike trip we've been busy with work, house projects and visitors. My parents came for a week and spent every day (except one) with painting projects and other odd jobs. We painted four bedrooms, six closets, one stairwell and one hallway. We also installed new lights on the first floor and new chandelier in the dining room.

The master bed room "prepped" for the painters.

On Sunday we took a rest day and went for a walk around Harvie Heights. What a view!

We found rhubarb in the backyard and Bill made this delicious pie!

In between paint jobs I worked a few days in Banff and Lake Louise and then made time to get out climbing with some friends.

Zenn on the hike up to "The Early Worm" (6-pitch 5.11a) on Mt. Bourgeau

The porcupine Paul and I saw on the hike up to Saddle Mtn near Lake Louise

I slipped on a snowy juniper bush on my way to Saddle Mtn and split my elbow.
Lucky for me Paul expertly applied the steri strips! Once back home we
made the trip to emergency where I received two stitches.
Doug climbing "Kinematic Wave 5.11d" in Bataan. He got his redpoint!
I also got on this route and redpointed it on my second try.

Jackie starting the roof sequence of Kinematic Wave. A beautiful route!

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Mamie a dit…

We had a lovely visit! Merci beaucoup, vous avez un beau chevous! Et n'oubliez pas le bar-b-q de dimanche! ;-)