mercredi 21 mai 2014

My first guiding day!! (May 21, 2014)

I'm so excited! Today I worked my first day as an Apprentice Rock Guide. I had the pleasure to guide Lucie and Deanna, two members of the Saskatchewan Alpine Club of Canada section on Tunnel Mtn. A big thank you to Sarah Hueniken who offered me this fantastic opportunity. Also thanks to Lucie and Deanna who climbed with me a variation of Tonka, Gooseberry and Riel Rebellion today. We called our team the "TonkaBerry Rebellion". The women know how to rock!. Here are some photos from today:

Lucie and Deanna at the Pitch 7 belay
Deanna coming up Pitch 4. Sarah and Kelsey at the adjacent station.
Lucie and Deanna all smiles
Sarah and Kelsey below the final pitch
Sarah never misses a Kodak moment!

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Mamie a dit…

Bravo à notre guide favorite! ;-)