lundi 25 novembre 2013

Greece Part 5 (Climbing in Kalymnos)

After nearly three weeks of exploring Greek culture, history, archaeology and architecture, we make our way to the island of Kalymnos to chill and climb with our friends from Canmore. The week we arrive it is a veritable Canmore reunion: at our first dinner there are 14 of us from Calgary/Canmore. Now there are 6 of us and in a day Doug & Nancy will be on their own.

Christina and I are roommates now as both our husbands (dutifully) left to return to work last week. She is so much fun! I have really enjoyed the style of climbing here - it is reminiscent of my time spent on Thai limestone. My favorite climb to date is "DNA"; it's a great example of the "3D" style of tufa climbing here. 

Enjoy this selection of photos:

We took a 12h ferry from Athens to Kalymnos. This was our room for the night!

Unloading from the Ferry on Kalymnos island at 4 am on Nov. 6.

This is a view of our 25EU/night studio.
Christina needed assistance to reach the top of the stove.

A view of the town of Massouri from the crag Grande Grotto, a 20 min walk away.

Grande Grotto, the sea and Bill are reflected in my sunglasses.

Renee, Don & Michelle hiking up to Grande Grotto.

The view looking out from Grande Grotto

Christina being lowered by Matt.

Michelle and Nancy helping Don "boink" his way up Trella.

Renee's first tufa climb of the season!

Bill's got some company on his climb. The goat was actually standing on the next bolt.

Michelle working hard for her send of Ciao Vecchio, 6c

Bill and the deep blue Aegean sea

Christina working her way up Itaca 6c+

Bill satisfied with his climb of Monahiki Elia 6a+

Doug getting psyched for his onsight of Les Amazones 6c

Nancy on belay duty

Christina doing what she does best: climbing and posing!

Climbers never seem to run out of things to talk about...

Viva the tufas!

2 commentaires:

Mamie a dit…

Tu prends de bonnes photos- les verres fumés de Bill, la chèvre, la mer si bleu derrière Bill, trop bon! Bravo!

cj a dit…

Amber Dawn and I love the goat! Looks like fun. Climb on!