jeudi 25 juillet 2013

Road Trippin' (July 13-25, 2013)

Following our three-week tenting trip in Alaska, Nancy and I proceeded to drive home, from Talkeetna, Alaska to Canmore, AB. This three-day road trip consisted of 42 hours of driving. Luckily the days are long in the north and we were able to clock a lot of mileage early in the trip. I had the opportunity to visit Whitehorse, to meet Nancy's family and catch up with a friend of mine, Antoinette.

We arrived in Canmore the evening of July 15, 2013 and Bill was there to meet me and drove us (another 4 hours) to Edmonton that evening. We arrived around midnight and visited with Stephanie and the baby, and then with Rob, when he arrived home from work at 3am. We spent two nights visiting them and then started our journey to Saskatoon to pick up James and continued to St-Pierre to visit my family. 

What a jammed packed week of visiting! We stayed up late most nights, spent most days drywalling together, bouldered every morning with the kids, visited with friends and family in the evenings, and on our day off from drywalling we played softball, flew kites and launched paper laterns. What great fun! Bill and also also got "flamingoed" for our birthdays: 60 and 40 this year!

This is the longest combined road trip I have ever taken: 42 hours from Alaska to Canmore, then 4 hours to Edmonton, then 16 hours to St-Pierre and 18 hours back, for a total of 80 hours (or two work weeks) of driving. That's definitely my quota for a while! :)


Climb on, Benjamin!

The drywall crew

Paper laterns

Go fly a kite!

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