vendredi 21 juin 2013

Guide Rock Training Course (June 13-20, 2013)

The 8-day ACMG rock guide training course in June was a week of pure fun. Especially after the relief of the climbing screening day, we were all able to relax a bit more and soak in all the guiding techniques and tricks shared with us the rest of the week. I learned a great deal during the course, made some new friends and found myself genuinely enjoying the learning process. The weather, which can be unsettled, in June in the Rockies held up and we were able to complete all our outdoors sessions as planned. The final day, which was to be an indoor session, was cancelled due to the flood that hit the Bow Valley. As such, the course ended quite abruptly and we were cast off on our own for the summer. Most folks returned home for a bit of a break while I made my way to Alaska to meet Nancy and to prepare for our big climb.

Marc and Alex on Le Soulier on Tunnel Mtn

Zenn and Claire at Wasootch

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