mardi 28 mai 2013

The Countdown (May 29, 2013)


As you know, when I started this journey last March, my goal was to submit a resume that would get me into the ACMG Apprentice Rock Guide program. It did! In late March I received notice that I was accepted. Yahoo! Now, in ten days time my 8-day Rock Guide Training screening exam/course is set to begin. I was and remain both elated and apprehensive. It is a daunting process. A friend of mine who is a past examiner even admitted it is "arduous process". The days are long (7am to 8pm), often cold and wet, the material is plentiful and the expectations are high.

While it is primarily a training course when students learn the current rock guiding standards, the course also serve as a screening process. In short, candidates who are not able to demonstrate that they climb at the standard will not be invited to continue the course and will not be recommended to the September exam. And while I can climb at the required standard, my concern is that my nerves might interfere. So this is my immediate challenge: to climb in a relaxed manner when being evaluated. :)

I have been working towards preparing myself as best I can. Every day I either climb, workout, study the technical manual, practice rescue techniques, teach, prepare my lesson plan, or plan my trip to Alaska (or do several of the above).

Twelve hours after the end of the course I fly to Anchorage for a 3-4 week climbing expedition with my friend Nancy. We will attempt to climb the east buttress of Middle Triple Peak in the Kichatna range. Bill has been helping me prepare for this trip by preparing and dehydrating meals. A big expedition like this requires so much planning, packaging and packing!

It's been such a fantastic year. We've been to so many places and  I consider myself lucky to be out here doing this. Each day I feel stronger, climb better and smile bigger! It is an honour and a privilege to spend my days in the mountains and my wish is that I can continue along this path and have the opportunity to share this joy with others.

Wish me luck!

Training while snow fell at Lake Louise May 23.
It was cold on the fingers!

Our intention was to climb at Grassi Lakes on May 25.
We spent the day reviewing rescue systems instead :-)

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