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The Homestead (Feb 4-8, 2013)

Limestone climbing in Arizona at The Homestead (aka "Echo Canyon with Cactus")

Do you find yourself missing the Bow Valley's limestone during winter? Then "The Homestead" is the place for you! We first learned of The Homestead while at the Arizona Hiking Shack getting my shoes resoled (great job, btw). We bought the $2 hand drawn topo and went for a reconnaissance trip. The Homestead is located just off Hwy 77, about 30 min south of Globe in Arizona (about 2 hours east/south of Phoenix). 

From the highway, you access a 4 km long gravel road which brings you to the Homestead. That is, if you can manage the gnarly 4x4 section. We opted not to, and instead camped by the side of the road (we bought a AZ State Trust Land permit to do so) and hiked the 4 km each day. It's an easy walk and within an hour you can be at the base of the crag.

The Homestead hosts several walks, all with a different look and feel. Welcome Wall and Mouse Wall house easy/moderate routes and they are characterized by "churt" like intrusions and steep initial moves and slabby finishes. I enjoyed our time at Bone Town wall due to the steep nature of the routes. We did not have time to explore Karma Cave or Finland Wall, but our time here has fueled a desire to return.

Enjoy the photos below from our time in The Homestead. An earlier post in this blog also shares a short video we made on how to camp in the desert. 
View of the canyon from the road

Our camp by the gravel road

The gnarly 4x4 section

The walk in. The canyon is visible in the back.

The sign-in canister to help preserve access.

The "churt" like intrusions

Many of the routes on Mouse Wall had name plates

There are coral-like fossils everywhere in the canyon. This is a big one.

I'm standing above Bone Town wall here.

Looking at Finland Wall

Bill about to tie in. 

Renee on top of Crazy Bone 5.11b

Happy to be camping in the desert!

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