mercredi 13 février 2013

Superstitions (Feb 3, 2013)

Climbing The Hand 5.6 in the Superstitions Mountains

As all dwellers of Mesa, AZ know, it is impossible to spend a day without seeing the Superstition Mountains. Look eastward from Main Street and it is straight ahead. Get on Hwy 60 and it's there too. On a drizzly Sunday afternoon we opted for a short 3 pitch 5.6 route called "Razor's Edge" on a pinnacle in the Superstition Mountains called "The Hand".

As far as climbing goes, pinnacles are a coveted prize. They offer great exposure and reward with narrow summits. The Hand offered and delivered both, along with three "au cheval" belay stations. While enjoyable, the route was a bit unnerving with its out-dated and rusty bolts and poorly placed pitons. A retro-fit would be in order to turn this into a 3-star outing.

Bill looking up at Pitch 2

Renee leading Pitch 2

Cowboy Bill "au cheval"

Renee at the Pitch 2 Station. Phoenix is visible in the back.

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