mercredi 13 février 2013

Puerto Rico! (Jan 17-25, 2013)

Adventures in Puerto Rico

To fulfill his professional continuing education requirements, Bill registered for an ICU conference in Puerto Rico in January. We tacked on a day before and a day after the conference to include time to tour the island and to explore the limestone cliffs. What a discovery! While there are a few developed crags around the island, the closest to San Juan is called Bayamon and was only a 25 min drive from the hotel. If you too are heading to Puerto Rico for a vacation, download the online climbing guide and pack your rope and draws.

Entrance to the Bayamon climbing area

Coming down from a fun climb!

A bit of caving to get to the next cliff

Island climate takes its tolls on bolts. Pack your Hilti!
We also ventured out with our rental car (I'm glad Bill was driving!) to see the Arecibo Radio Telescope. At 1,000 ft wide it is the world's largest single-aperture telescope. Bill was delighted to finally see it in person!

The Arecibo Radio Telescope

Local fauna on the drive to Arecibo

Beautiful coloring!

Upon on retour from Arecibo we squeezed in a visit of the Old San Juan. With its coloured buildings, cobblestone streets and old forts, Old San Juan makes for an enchanting visit.

Bill, the tourist

Exploring Fort El Morro

Bill marveling at the canon balls

Renee in Old San Juan, but with a view of the Bayamon crag in the back

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