jeudi 8 novembre 2012

Tracking Dinosaurs

Warner Valley Dinosaur Track Site, Utah

On our last day in Utah before returning to Canada we decided to check out some dinosaur tracks near St. George, Utah. The Warner Valley Dinosaur Tracksite exposes approximately 400 dinosaur tracks in trackways or as isolated footprints. 

The larger tracks are Eubrontes (you-BRONT-tees) while the smaller tracks are Grallator (GRAL-uh-tore). The terms Eubrontes and Grallator are groups of dinosaurs categorized together from their assumed characterics based on their fossilized footprints. 

The Grallator footprints at this site are attributed to coelophysid dinosaurs such as Megapnosaurus (“Syntarsus” or Coelophysis). The Eubrontes footprints are widely accepted as being produced by a Dilophosaurus-sized theropod.

A third track remains unidentified. Perhaps you can help us solve the mystery!

Watch the video below and submit your suggestions:

3 commentaires:

Mamie a dit…

Ahhh mais c'est le billasorus!!

Mamie a dit…

Ahhhh mais c'est le billasorus!!

cj a dit…

Those last tracks looked really fresh. I hope you two got out of there alive!!!