mercredi 7 novembre 2012

Our Journey in Numbers (Part 1)

Days 1 - 180 (March 25 to September 20, 2012)

Unlike hockey, football and baseball, climbing is not a statistic saturated sport. However, numbers can tell a story. 

We embarked on this journey on March 25, 2012. While we've been on this path for more than 7 months now, the numbers below will describe only the first 180 days of this journey, up to September 20, 2012. 

We write this blog while on the road (somewhere in Idaho). The road has been an important part of this journey, as we have travelled to many areas to climb on different types of rock. We've sought sandstone, granite, basalt, and limestone, and in doing so have clocked in 21,660 km since we first left Calgary. This relates to 246 hours of driving, ie.. 31 days. Throughout these travels we traversed 15 US states and 4 Canadian provinces. If it takes 10,000 hours to master an activity, then we are at the advanced apprentice stage of the art of driving!

All this driving made us want to stretch our legs (and arms), and we did indeed. We spent 97 days climbing, hiking to climbing areas or teaching climbing. We climbed over 10 vertical kilometers in 377 pitches. Climbing heaven! Now that is something to be pleased with!  

Climbing days were interspered with rain days and rest days (27 days) and sick days (8 days to recover from conjunctivitis and then  giardia).

So what about the remaining 17 days?  They were just as much fun as we spent these days visiting family and friends, participating in weddings and jamming with our musical friends.

Throughout all these adventures, Bill still managed to log in 33 days (nights, actually) of work at the hospital. He has also spent countless hours playing guitar.

So what will the next 180 days hold in store for us? Hopefully more of the same, as this first component of this journey has already been unforgettable!

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Bravo les jeunes retraités, la vie est belle, n'est-ce pas?