dimanche 28 octobre 2012

Camping in Yosemite (aka The Yosemite Tent Shuffle)

Welcome to Yosemite!

America's premier national park. And home to the affliction known as the "Yosemite Tent Shuffle" which affects climbers, campers and hikers alike. 

More a cold, than a pneumonia, it is nevertheless a significant nuisance to those with projects in mind that start before the normal check-out and check-in times.

The Yosemite Tent Shuffle involves moving your tent and your belongings from your bear bin to a new campsite.

The move cannot occur before official check-in time (12:00 noon), but should you be late, the new comers will surely let you know!

Caution: The pines drip sap in the fall. Our tent is covered.

This condition gives rise to the peculiarly Yosemite phenomenon of the motorized but ghostly tent transfer. No doubt the German West Phalia derived his inspiration from a visit to Yosemite earlier this century. 

The following video showcases the current best practices for the Yosemite Tent Shuffle. 


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Mamie a dit…

pas possible, ça doit être difficile sur la grande route avec la tente sur le highlander!!! ;-)