jeudi 16 août 2012

Nuts about Macadamia (Aug. 12, 2012)

Macadamia, 5.9, 4 pitches (Ghost - Planter's Valley)

It is the vastness and the solitude of the Ghost that keeps drawing me in. After spending a fantastic day with Olivier on the route "Silver Ghost" on Friday, I decided that I wanted more! Sean and I had arranged to climb together on Sunday and I managed to convince him to take his Jeep out of the city and into the Ghost. As with any trip to the Ghost, the drive in on the terribly rutted and pot-holed gravel road is always the crux.

After an hour of bumpy driving, we parked the Jeep at the Banff park boundary. Sean was familiar with Planter's Valley due to his ice climbing experience, but for me, it was my first trip in the area. The cliffs sure are impressive, and like most Ghost days, we had the valley to ourselves. 

The climb we chose, "Macadamia", did not disappoint. It deserves the three stars assigned in the guidebook and each pitch entertained and surprised us. It is the photo of the final pitch that lured me to this climb and it was as exciting and as spectacular as expected. 

Thanks, Sean, for a great day out!

Approximate route and rappel line

Half way up

Spectacular Pitch 4

Higher up on Pitch 4

Sean on the summit

Panorama, looking west at the Banff National Park

Renee at the rappel station

Rappel on!

Heading back down to Terra Firma

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