vendredi 4 mai 2012

Siblings & Scorpions (May 2, 2012)

Our first stop after leaving Las Vegas was Gilbert, AZ (next to Phoenix). There we visited with Bill's sister Leanne, had a nice dip in the pool and shared a delicious meal of Mexican food.
After dinner, the siblings were excited to go scorpion hunting. Yes, scorpion hunting. Armed with a UV flashlight, they wandered the yard, looking in the usual places (at the base of walls of the house and inside the date palm trees) for these critters. Scorpions produce an incredible glow under the UV light, so much so that they are hard to miss. See for yourself below.

A refreshing dip after the long drive 

Bill couldn't help but climb these rocks
Bill's RV wash services
Scorpion on the side of the house under UV light
Scorpion hiding in date palm tree (regular flashlight)
Scorpion on driveway the next morning.
This is the one the brother and sister duo taunted
with a stick to get it to react. It hardly moved.
I kept my distance. : )

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