dimanche 15 avril 2012

The Gem at Joshua Tree

Time for a side trip! We packed the rope, the rack, the GPS and the llama and headed down the I15 towards Joshua Tree. I had climbed in Joshua Tree once before, in 2004 (only a couple of days before meeting Bill for the first time in Mexico City), but this was Bill's first trip to this very cool place. 

We arrived around noon, shared a sandwich in the shade and went off in the search for a couple of easy introductory climbs. We spent the next few hours at Thin Wall, getting used to the new rock features and texture and taking in the views. 

After a few laps we drove down to Palm Springs to visit our friends Peter, Line and Zora (and family). We shared a fine meal with them and enjoyed their warmth and hospitality. The next day, after a lazy morning, we drove back to J-Tree and found a fine crack climb called Gem on a wall called Connan's Corridor. We gave this climb a couple of tries before returning back "home" to Las Vegas that evening.

No single trip can do the vastness of J-Tree justice, so we plan to return some day!

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Mamie a dit…

Llama devait être heureux de retourner!!!